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  • Ask:How do I replace batteries?

    Answer:Leave battery replacement up to your original retailer .

    ? Use of a different battery type can cause malfunction.

    ? When replacing the batteries, also request a check for proper water resistance.

    ? ornamental resin components may become worn, cracked, or bent over time when subjected to normal daily use. Note that if cracking or any other abnormality indicating possible damage is noticed in a watch submitted for battery replacement, your watch will be returned with an explanation of the abnormality, without the requested servicing being performed.
  • Ask:Are there any precautions to keep in mind when handling resin components?

    Answer:Allowing your watch to remain in contact with other items or storing it together with other items for long periods while it is wet can cause color on resin components to transfer to the other items, or the color of the other items to transfer to the resin components of your watch. Be sure to dry off your watch thoroughly before storing it and make sure it is not in contact with other items.

    ? Leaving your watch where it is exposed to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays) for long periods or failure to clean dirt from your watch for long periods can cause it to become discolored.

    ? Friction caused by certain conditions (strong external force, sustained rubbing,impact, etc.) can cause discoloration of painted components.

    ? If there are printed figures on the band, strong rubbing of the printed area can cause discoloration.

    ? Leaving your watch wet for long periods can cause fluorescent color to fade. Wipe the watch dry as soon as possible after it becomes wet.

    ? Semi-transparent resin parts can become discolored due to sweat and dirt, and if exposed to high temperatures and humidity for long periods.

    ? Daily use and long-term storage of your watch can lead to deterioration, breaking, or bending of resin components. The extent of such damage depends on usage conditions and storage conditions.
  • Ask:What should I do if the inside of the glass becomes fogged?

    Answer:The inside surface of the watch glass may fog when the watch is exposed to a sudden drop in temperature. No problem is indicated if the fogging clears up relatively quickly. Sudden and extreme temperature changes (such as coming into an air conditioned room in the summer and standing close to an air conditioner outlet, or leaving a heated room in the winter and allowing your watch to come into contact with snow) can cause it to take longer for glass fogging to clear up. If glass fogging does not clear up or if you notice moisture inside of the glass, immediately stop using your watch and take it to your original retailer.
  • Ask:Is there any way to take the watch apart?

    Answer:Never try to take the watch apart. Doing so creates the risk of personal injury and malfunction of the watch.

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